Writing Vows

Ask me to write something that I know about, usually I can but as of late I cant muster the acumen to write about what means to world to me. I think that this comes from wanting to exceed my potential and leave a dent in the mind of my loved ones that I truly can and would do the things that I say I can to. Its something like preparing for your Masters thesis where you have to stand in front of the school board and faculty heads of department and give them this piece of work you have been preparing for. This ground breaking study has to be perfectly executed and delivered even though there would be room left for scrutiny by most in the room, the end result has to be that you know what you are talking about, you’re versed in this field of study, and the work you are putting forward has to be efficient and fluid enough that the board takes you seriously enough to give you the nod of approval. At that moment it’s no longer about who you are, but what you say. should you mess up at any point it would be difficult to recover. No I won’t be doing the conventional run of the mill writing, this would be my biggest test, And I would be passing with distinctions

Poetry Corner [Apr. Day 30]

April Poetry Challenge, by the 2 Cents Movement on Facebook an activist group that focuses on youth development centered around the arts. It allowed me to channel my creativity into something that I absolutely love to do and that’s write poetry. Day 30 was dedicated towards writing a poem that you have always been afraid of writing. In this case I was always afraid of publishing this one, as I wrote it originally in 2011 and it was dedicated to someone who I deeply had an affection for but could not be with. It was because of this, that I wrote a few poetry pieces dedicated to that person being able to express the feelings that I could not have those days past. Its called Asthma.

Day 30


How do you run when you’ve got Asthma
The question to which I can’t find the answer
To some on the outside they’d think it’s not as serious as Cancer
But it is….

You see asthma, has the strength of Aries
Cuz there’s no way you can move when you cease to breathe
This chronic lung disease if not given the proper attention
Leaves the unsuspecting man too ill – prepared to counteract

As a matter of fact lemme break it down for you

The physical embodiment of a heart stopper stands no more than 5 ‘ 5 with short hair and killer brown eyes. Joy as a result is ever-present and lights up a room like effervescence, conversations sweetened like juice with vanilla essence maintaining a heavenesque presence leaving your heart singing like Evenesence – Bring me to life

Like a dog chasing its tail you won’t know what to do if you catch it
so I’ll put down my inhaler and chase you in my dreams