Writing Vows

Ask me to write something that I know about, usually I can but as of late I cant muster the acumen to write about what means to world to me. I think that this comes from wanting to exceed my potential and leave a dent in the mind of my loved ones that I truly can and would do the things that I say I can to. Its something like preparing for your Masters thesis where you have to stand in front of the school board and faculty heads of department and give them this piece of work you have been preparing for. This ground breaking study has to be perfectly executed and delivered even though there would be room left for scrutiny by most in the room, the end result has to be that you know what you are talking about, you’re versed in this field of study, and the work you are putting forward has to be efficient and fluid enough that the board takes you seriously enough to give you the nod of approval. At that moment it’s no longer about who you are, but what you say. should you mess up at any point it would be difficult to recover. No I won’t be doing the conventional run of the mill writing, this would be my biggest test, And I would be passing with distinctions


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