Let’s talk about Sex….. In Schools Part. 1

Something that has been the topic of conversation for years among our peers from the teenages (those who are excited, based on peer pressure/images purported by media houses and the latest episode of your favourite TV series) to the elderly (those from the previous generations that made  mistakes which caused a deep regret) and yet still a taboo topic to many is the subject of sexual activity, in general and more specifically, sexual activity among young persons with our school systems. 

One of the main points in combating the discussion of sexual activity in schools is “at what age are children wise/mature enough, to keep an in depth discourse about sexual activity?” Now let’s go back to the topic being one that’s taboo. With the dawn of the technological era leading to the advent of social media and by extension the introduction of High Speed Internet as a “basic need” in every home our youth are being constantly bombarded with the idea of sexual activity being a regular entity in our livelihood. But is it not? And why was it being stifled as a topic of conversation by those in a higher authority? 

One of the answers to this question was that religions, all in its own rights saw the topic of sex and sexual activity as being something wholly and solely for adults. Adjectives as “sexy” was as close as saying the word “f_ck” in your mother’s house…. Forbidden. Chastity was promoted while promiscuity was a devil’s action, additionally if a child even harboured thoughts of sexual acts they had to be bathed in holy water, repent, say a couple Hail Mary’s or else be shunned by their congregation.

Now fast forward, it’s 2017 and over the years the topic of teenage pregnancy has been, and  is still alive today, the battle between pro-life and pro-choice has become more vocal and parents, ideally, for the most part are becoming more involved in their children’s daily activities. However, most of the same trends that occurred during the times of our parents during yester-year are still happening today….. So why are we so intent on not acting on or changing our approach to an age old problem and that is addressing the elephant in the room.

Writing Vows

Ask me to write something that I know about, usually I can but as of late I cant muster the acumen to write about what means to world to me. I think that this comes from wanting to exceed my potential and leave a dent in the mind of my loved ones that I truly can and would do the things that I say I can to. Its something like preparing for your Masters┬áthesis where you have to stand in front of the school board and faculty heads of department and give them this piece of work you have been preparing for. This ground breaking study has to be perfectly executed and delivered even though there would be room left for scrutiny by most in the room, the end result has to be that you know what you are talking about, you’re versed in this field of study, and the work you are putting forward has to be efficient and fluid enough that the board takes you seriously enough to give you the nod of approval. At that moment it’s no longer about who you are, but what you say. should you mess up at any point it would be difficult to recover. No I won’t be doing the conventional run of the mill writing, this would be my biggest test, And I would be passing with distinctions

Protecting Home




Photos courtesy Ishmael Sandy

Parents were forced to hug their young ones tighter over this weekend after hearing news of the tragic death of Keyana Cumberbatch

. A 6 year old girl, so full of life, love…..innocence, was removed from this world, by a male known to her family in a most disgusting fashion. A nation is hurt. But this is not the first instance where a child was killed by the hands of her care-giver. Amy Annamunthodo aged 4 a few years past was tortured and abused by her stepfather. Likewise,  Kareema Roberts just two and a half years old died as a result of blunt forced trauma at the hands of her stepfather. In light of Keyana’s death, her father pleaded with, not only the local authorities but the nation as well, to look for tell tale signs if discomfort in your child, take better care as well as a closer look into their lives. The police service as a result issued a press release stating the urgency they are placing on missing persons reports. Police officers are expected to act on a missing persons report immediately, or face disciplinary action…. Removing the 24hr window that was necessary, before placing any such report. Additionally the police service has highlighted issues of abuse as reports of such actions mostly go unreported. Section 10 of the sexual offenses act 11:28 1 and 2 a & b as well as highlighting Section 9 of the sexual offenses act 11:28 dealing with incest. Response from the public however are still in the negative with comments like: Person 1 “so what yuh telling me is half the police officers don’t know the law then?” Person 2 “Don’t talk just act” Person 3 “No more talk enough is enough get the job done” . This coming on the heels of an outburst by former minister of Gender and Youth and Child Development, Mrs. Verna St. Rose-Greaves interrupted a sitting in the lower house pleading to the government that something must be done.


The answer that many persons put forward lies with court systems and social work. Social work is defined as: organized work directed toward the betterment of social conditions in the community, as by seeking to improve the condition of the poor, to promote the welfare of children, etc. The emphasis being paid on the children, Verna St.Rose Greaves had a point in that something must be done. What if the adoption of specific roll of social workers be implemented to our system where children of a specific age be monitored on things like their surroundings, to make sure that it is fit for the child. The onus now falls on the children’s authority, child care services and the social welfare division just to name a few. The word reform is always tossed around, but it is something that should be looked at. Also families should be charged to take better care of their children, everything starts and ends with family