August 1st | My Unimportant Opinion

As the day closed down on July 31st 2014 and the night rung in, a familiar sight could be seen. Every bar on my way home was filled to capacity. Music blasting from their respective dj’s, shoot, it’s the night before the holiday gotta turn up right? As young and old paraded the streets and the sidewalks the first thing that came to mind, was the flooding of “Redemption Song” posts, Bob Marley and Marcus Garvey quotes on social media the following day.

Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots

For a brief moment I was ashamed of myself, more so ashamed of the way people viewed freedom. Then came the memory of an episode of boondocks. Where Martin Luther King Jr. came back from death to our present time http:// Boondocks MLK Speech:

Just wish that we would finally take pride in our identities and not be ashamed of who we are. Neither be ashamed of where we really came from. But what do I know……

Protecting Home




Photos courtesy Ishmael Sandy

Parents were forced to hug their young ones tighter over this weekend after hearing news of the tragic death of Keyana Cumberbatch

. A 6 year old girl, so full of life, love…..innocence, was removed from this world, by a male known to her family in a most disgusting fashion. A nation is hurt. But this is not the first instance where a child was killed by the hands of her care-giver. Amy Annamunthodo aged 4 a few years past was tortured and abused by her stepfather. Likewise,  Kareema Roberts just two and a half years old died as a result of blunt forced trauma at the hands of her stepfather. In light of Keyana’s death, her father pleaded with, not only the local authorities but the nation as well, to look for tell tale signs if discomfort in your child, take better care as well as a closer look into their lives. The police service as a result issued a press release stating the urgency they are placing on missing persons reports. Police officers are expected to act on a missing persons report immediately, or face disciplinary action…. Removing the 24hr window that was necessary, before placing any such report. Additionally the police service has highlighted issues of abuse as reports of such actions mostly go unreported. Section 10 of the sexual offenses act 11:28 1 and 2 a & b as well as highlighting Section 9 of the sexual offenses act 11:28 dealing with incest. Response from the public however are still in the negative with comments like: Person 1 “so what yuh telling me is half the police officers don’t know the law then?” Person 2 “Don’t talk just act” Person 3 “No more talk enough is enough get the job done” . This coming on the heels of an outburst by former minister of Gender and Youth and Child Development, Mrs. Verna St. Rose-Greaves interrupted a sitting in the lower house pleading to the government that something must be done.


The answer that many persons put forward lies with court systems and social work. Social work is defined as: organized work directed toward the betterment of social conditions in the community, as by seeking to improve the condition of the poor, to promote the welfare of children, etc. The emphasis being paid on the children, Verna St.Rose Greaves had a point in that something must be done. What if the adoption of specific roll of social workers be implemented to our system where children of a specific age be monitored on things like their surroundings, to make sure that it is fit for the child. The onus now falls on the children’s authority, child care services and the social welfare division just to name a few. The word reform is always tossed around, but it is something that should be looked at. Also families should be charged to take better care of their children, everything starts and ends with family

Bandwagon || This ain’t for no Fvck Trini, if you a real Trini then fvck with this


Trinidad Jame$ came on the scene by complete surprise for most people, an ATL rapper moving from Trinidad and Tobago, to New York then Atlanta. Complex magazine on a “Top ten Atlanta artists to look out for” says: If you set foot in the right spots, you’ll either hear Trinidad James music playing or run into him outside. His originality could lead to him being the first rapper in a while that can appeal to and possibly bridge the many “underground” circles in Atlanta with the listeners who enjoys mainstream radio and the Black Hollywood clubs. Always known for being “witty” when he was growing up, Jame$ was always known for his way with words, admittingly saying that he was only rapping a couple years now, and the mixtape was suppose to be a one time thing. This fashion retailer turned artiste’s mixtape “Don’t Be S.A.F.E (Sensitive As Fvck Everyday)” created a buzz off the single “All Gold Everything” which was not only catchy but had everybody in a frenzy by the style he portrayed. Some people alluded a resemblance to the ATL artiste out of the Goodie Mob “Big Gipp” and even calypsonian  “Sugar Aloes” for his gold “swag”. But what caught most people off guard, may simply be the fact that Trinidad Jame$, represents Trinidad. Following in the steps of Nicki Minaj a Brooklyn, New York based rapper also hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, many saw Jame$ as a cheap thrill, trying to cop Ambassador status for the country like The People’s Partnership government did for Nicki (but that’s beside the point). Always seen with a Red, White & Black (the national colours of Trinidad and Tobago) bandanna adorned around his neck more so from his All Gold video, locals echoed sentiments like:

“Trinis rage against James but,
So accepting of the Barbie Doll????


Or even

“ah hear he couldn’t figure out where he was from.. one min he cant remember then the next min he family living in the same place since he was small and where he grow up lol”


Those cats are retards.That dude is part Trini or something though”

However after his music has been able to get airplay on Trinidad and Tobago’s radio stations, after soca artiste Machel Montano HD, brought him for his “Machel Monday” concert where he rocked the National stadium with a soca remix to All Gold Everything the hecklers stopped referring to him as the shame of a nation to actually being better than Nicki Minaj? Where’d all this love come from suddenly? All you could hear was that he was a one hit wonder, who had a lucky break, “Def Jam signed him? really?” most people don’t even know he has a mixtape, or more than one song out. Trini radio listener the ask for the song “side chick” to be played, the song of course is none other than “Females Welcomed” his second single (which i thought would’ve been “$outh$ide“), shooting the video, is none other than experienced and legend Jonathan Mannion, if you guys don’t know who he is then you aren’t a real fan of hip-hop/rap, the mere fact that he was the one behind the lens directing speaks wonders to just “how far” Jame$ has come. The video displays parts of our culture in Trinidad with Miss World 2013 contestant Athaliah Samuel (who was also a receiver of many displeasing comments when she was vying for the title, but only had support when she made it in the end) adorned in gold outfits and costumes jab jabs and the ever popular music trucks you can see around Carnival time. Now back to the statement at hand here, all this “Love” for Jame$ can be seen as a regular thing in Trinidad and Tobago, where we criticize everything for its face value, then only begin to realize what its true worth is when and only when we receive something. I simply have one thing to say to that, and that is Don’t be S.A.F.E



Remembering Fulgencio Batista||Militarism as a tool of Control

Once President of Cuba, then Dictator

Once President of Cuba, then Dictator

Fulgencio Batista y Zaldívar (January 16, 1901 – August 6, 1973) was the elected President of Cuba from 1940 to 1944 and dictator from 1952 to 1959, before being overthrown as a result of the Cuban Revolution…. Fulgencio Batista has been able to show that militarism is a means of power, by appointing himself with the rank colonel of the armed forces he was able to maintain a puppet control of the Cuban Presidency by this example of corrupt power and as John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902) says, “Power corrupts; Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely”. Simply stating what similarities are shown in our present times.

Minister of National Security of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Minister of National Security of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

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Democracy/Quasi-Military State….

Plans announced recently by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and National Security Minister Jack Warner to give similar powers to the Defence Force as those of police officers are set to go a step further today.

Legislation to give members of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (TTDF) authority to function and perform the duties of a police officer will be laid in the Parliament today.

Concerned about the horrifying murders and the apparent spike in the murder rate, Persad-Bissessar, on February 22, summoned heads of the Police Service and Defence Force to a meeting at her Parliament office to discuss the crime situation and proposals aimed at addressing it.

After an “intense” meeting, Persad-Bissessar had announced the team had agreed to “increase the visibility” of the joint patrols and road blocks immediately.

In an Express report on February 15, Warner had promised the legislation would have been brought to Parliament within 60 days.

The murder toll now stands at 79 for the year.

A release from the Attorney General’s office last night stated Cabinet yesterday approved and confirmed a note brought by Attorney General Anand Ramlogan to give effect to this.

The release stated the proposed bill will give legal protection to Defence Force personnel when they accompany police officers to assist in the detection, investigation and prosecution of criminal offences.

“They will enjoy the same rights, privileges and immunities as police officers. They will have the same powers as police officers, including power to arrest, search, seize and to carry arms,” stated the release.

Government, stated the release, will ensure Defence Force personnel would be trained in areas such as police practice and procedure, investigations, law and court process to ensure they are properly equipped to undertake their duties along side police officers.

The release stated further that. Government has ensured that while members of the TTDF are to be placed on an equal legal footing and benefit from the same powers that police officers enjoy while actually engaging in operations with the police, they will not be permitted to embark on policing exercises on their own.

“In so doing members of the TTDF would be afforded the necessary protection in carrying out functions with the TTPS (Trinidad and Tobago Police Service),” stated the release.

The release noted that at present TTDF members enjoy no powers of arrest other than those possessed by ordinary citizens.

According to the release, the use of the Defence Force in the fight against crime is not new as soldiers have been accompanying police officers on raids and joint patrols during the last decade.

“Under the previous administration, soldiers were also drafted into SAUTT to assist the police in the detection and investigation of serious crimes,” stated the release.

The legislative measure, the release added, will augment and increase the capacity of the Police Service and house such an initiative in a proper legislative footing.

“It can lead to an immediate boost and increase in the strength of the TTPS. It would also provide comfort and relief to members of the TTDF who have been involved in the fight against crime by ensuring that they are adequately protected in the performance of their duties.

“The TTDF will, no doubt, exercise these additional powers with the discipline, maturity and responsibility that has thus far characterised their involvement in the fight against crime by way of assisting and complementing the TTPS,” stated the release.

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Traffic Blocking The Aftermath of Feb.25th



If we hadn’t already been plagued with bad news, murder tolls rising to an unprecedented 73 persons for the year 2013, civil unrest was the case yesterday, early on Sunday 24th February, a mother and her two children along with another man were struck down in the Sea Lots area literally dragged and killed on impact, 26 fatal road accidents so far for the year of 2013. We’ve seen this happen before, we’ve heard of vehicular accidents that have taken the lives of persons and the Police Service afterwards issue warnings to the public on road safety, but what happens when the person at fault is one of their own? This was the case yesterday…. Now we have to ask ourselves….Is it because the person behind the wheel of the vehicle was an ex police officer that this was the reaction the people took?


On this same day, in Laventille a woman’s son was murdered, on his way to meet his mother as he does every Sunday, shot in the back when a lone gunman told him to run in a most callous manner, somewhat taunting the young man to his already determined fate…. Where was the protest? Where was the tire burning? Where were the disgruntled citizens who are fed up with the state of lawlessness in the country? Nowhere to be seen, only a mother, a news camera, Policemen/women and caution tape. Doesn’t this type of unwarranted callous/merciless action deserve to be highlighted if not in the same light but more so because at this rate we may exceed the toll of 550 in 2008?


As is the case with disgruntled persons in Trinidad & Tobago the case of action/reaction requires old tires, old refrigerators, signs and a couch set that needed to be thrown away and Fire. Today has to be the worst that Traffic has been for the month so far could this disaster have been avoided? The Minister of National Security (who still believes himself to be the Minister of Works) advises that a walkover will soon be placed near the sealots area for the utilization of the public, but that isn’t the problem is that the driver, met those who died on the pavement. As a result of protest actions in the bigger picture, production of today was very slow, and internal revenue was lost. Who’s at a bigger loss?


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