Trumped: 9/11 meets 11/9

As usual my alarm rang out at 6:15am in an effort to get myself prepared for the day’s work. While waking up my wife turned on the television and I heard her exclaim “Babe!!”…. at that moment my mouth dropped as the headline on CNN read Trump elected as 45th President of the United States……

The day before, at work during our Post Lunch banter I told our group that Trump has a higher chance than ever now to win the elections as his campaign was using more logical (and I use this term loosely) rhetoric as opposed to the message of fearing the opposition which is what Secretary Clinton and her campaign was trying to drive through. They spoke of “No black person is going to vote for Trump” where I challenged saying that there is a lesser minority of each minority group, that think differently from the greater majority. Additionally the fact that United States population are firstly a proud people and secondly a patriotic people with that being said the controversial allegations surrounding both candidates were put on a scale where it was weighed, measured and the decision was then made to see which were the lesser of the two evils. During their campaign Trump began and ended with highlighting 1. War on ISIS 2. Getting Muslims out of the U.S. 3. The great wall of Mexico 4. Hilary Clinton and e-mail gate 5. The Obama administration and its “failed” policies, it was with this lead that Secretary Clinton was made to follow by trying to debunk these accusations repeatedly during debates and public meetings and so on. His repetition was important as he gave his honest unadulterated opinion, mostly what the vast majority of American people were thinking. We touched a bit on immigration policy, where in Trinidad and Tobago most persons have family members that live abroad, I myself have a few uncles, aunts cousins that reside in US and are unsure of their status there and what may happen moving forward. On the flip side where a few army reserves were present during our discussion brought up the message of what the process is like in the event of a war outbreak.

Donald J Trump defied odds coming in as a handicapped dark horse into a race with thoroughbreds and became what some would class as the joke that would never end, but somehow…… became the stallion that pulled ahead in the end. It’s my belief that history repeated itself, not American history, but Trin-bagonian history. The result of this election could be compared on similar lines to that of the Trinidad and Tobago election of May 25th, 2010 where the status-quo was changed, this sentiment was also shared post election, where a Trump supporter stated “a vote for Hilary Clinton was a vote for the status-quo”. This was initially the problem with most persons I spoke with, in saying that Hilary Clinton’s success in the election would mean another e-mail gate, more broken promises and not enough deliveries to the people which in essence was the major divide of the US population. The election and issues leading up to the election itself brought out the worst in people, where we saw a bit of White Supremacist behaviours the re-emergence of the KKK as a detriment to the development of US cultural synergy, the use of the Confederate Flag, The Black Lives Matter Movement, Anti-Muslim Sentiments, Capitalist Patriarchy, Sexual Assault, the American Anthem protests among other issues all of which in its own way played a part in the results of the Presidential Election. If this did anything, it showed what America is made of, a large population of people all living on a knife’s edge.

The feeling that most persons had both on social media and through my conversations reflected the way I felt when the People’s Partnership was elected. I felt afraid, disappointed, helpless, betrayed, lost, lonely, confused, heartbroken, angry in a nutshell I felt hate, and I hated that feeling. As a young black male in a country that fears me, I didn’t have any options open to me for those 5 years if it weren’t shrouded in some sort of controversy or re-active action, and became the usual gift recipient where they were trying to get re-elected. Today held a great sense of uncertainty as we kept our television sets glued to international news and this is normal, it is what should be expected during the transition phase. I empathise with the US and I understand what they are feeling, however they should not feel what I felt, but do what I did, and that’s pick their heads up, strap on their boots and be ready to move when the flood waters come because those who fail to be prepared will get left behind.

My main concern however is for a friend who’s heading to the United States in a few weeks, with his mom to aid her while she undergoes a surgical procedure. They are both Muslim.

So in the macro scope of things just exactly what does this mean for Trinidad and Tobago, our economy, the value of our money, trade movements, immigration/emigration ….. only time will tell for now though, we wait with fingers crossed as a Business man with questionable tactics and no parliamentary experience now holds the reigns as the leader of the free world.