Lif3 L3$$on$

Over the past couple of days I’ve been inĀ  a bit of a slump. Been looking for direction but have been unable to find it. It’s mainly because life itself has been nothing more than a routine for these few months. Mainly because that time is almost here…..

So with that being said, Friday while I was with my dad chillin, him scrolling through his Facebook news feed and me star gazing, I noticed something peculiar.

A spider…

Came from somewhere unknown but here nonetheless. I watched as it walked up my father’s arm, and slowly made a Web line across the staircase towards the plant next to me.

It lingered…

Taking my eyes off of it, it disappeared, thinking it’s never to be seen again, but through the gleam of the moonlight I could still see the Web it left behind. Still standing, still strong. The only thing at this point that could bring it down was the force of someone that wanted it to be removed.


A few minutes went by and she emerged again, using the same line to head back to my father’s side. But I told him about it, and with the flick of his finger it went flying. However, it didn’t go far. Drifting back to our front gate she stood still for a moment…. at rest, calculating her next move.

What next?

Forgetting almost entirely what my dad was talking about, I kept my gaze fixated in her. Where are you going? What’re you doing? Up was the answer. She slowly made her way up, threading her Web to higher heights, making her way to the electricity line suspended above us maybe 15 feet over our heads.

Then on to another one

Slowly…. methodically….

And when she tried to go to our house…

An owl came….


And she was gone.

So what did you learn?

Persistence is enough to get you out of a tough situation. Maybe when you need a new start there’s nothing wrong with turning to a new direction. You can learn from your past by back tracking and seeing where you came from, the mistakes you’ve made, and what you’ve done. There’s nothing wrong with aiming for higher heights. The only thing that’s stopping you from achieving this is what you let your mind tell you, when doubt comes in cast it away. When you do get to the top move on to your next venture but be careful of those around you, as you can get knocked off your road to success by unsuspecting characters.

Sometimes… Nature is the best teacher… if you look closely enough.